Adapting Pilates for Our Longer Lives

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Sixty-five and up is the fastest growing age group in Canada. Why not increase your healthspan and not just your lifespan?

My Personal Experience of Vaccine Side Effects: Body Aches and Gratitude

I was one of the lucky ones in the 60 to 64 age group invited to get my first shot of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine at the pharmacy down the street from my house. I had mixed feelings about jumping the queue ahead of older people, but followed the advice of …

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Have you heard of Sarcopenia?

I know you’ve heard of osteoporosis—loss of bone tissue. But have you heard of sarcopenia, which is the loss of muscle tissue? In last week’s blog we discussed how our bodies lose muscle power, mass and fiber-type composition as we age. Both osteoporosis and sarcopenia are a real threat to …

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Pilates and Older Adults – Slow or Fast Moves?

Recently I asked my students if they felt tired after their online Pilates class. Some insisted they were not at all tired, but relaxed. Others said their muscles felt good. They felt stretched out. But had I asked the wrong question? What I really wanted to know was what level …

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Waking Up the Glutes. Why are they asleep in the first place?

It—the throb—comes out of nowhere. It feels like the burn of a shin splint, except the pain can’t be a shin splint as the sensation traverses my left knee into my left thigh, ricocheting around my hip. I limp into the treatment room. ‘So?’ Gabby, my physiotherapist, quizzes me as …

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Enhancing the Exercise Experience Through Attention and Flow

‘Attention is our most important tool in the task of improving the quality of experience.’ –Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi What is the difference between having a massage and taking a Pilates class? They can both be pleasurable and relaxing, but massage is passive enjoyment, whereas the participant in a mind-body class invests …

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