Adapting Pilates for Our Longer Lives

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Sixty-five and up is the fastest growing age group in Canada. Why not increase your healthspan and not just your lifespan?

Getting Ready for Rest: Mini Stretch/Relaxation

‘If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.’ –Joseph Pilates As we, age more stretching – much more – is recommended rather than less. It is crucial to elongate shortened muscles so that they return to their …

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The Pilates Method: East Meets West

Joseph H. Pilates drew on the best of both Eastern and Western philosophies of exercise. From the East he borrowed mind-body connection, contemplation, relaxation. From the West he borrowed body conditioning, athleticism and intensity of movement. It is the blending of these two approaches that makes his method one of …

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Muscle Memory: When Martha Returned to Class

I wrote about Martha’s story in my October 28 blog. She had been one of my stronger students before her ovarian cancer diagnosis, surgery and treatment. On her first day back in class after over a year of being away for her treatments, I had expected Martha to have overall …

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Corset? Girdle of Strength?

In Pilates lingo the core of the body is often referred to as a ‘girdle of strength’ or the ‘powerhouse.’ Corset is another seemingly outdated word often used to describe the core. In fact, I use both girdle and corset at times with my students. We find these words useful …

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Martha’s Story, Part Two: More Core Essentials

When Martha started her recovery from ovarian cancer surgery and treatment, I suggested she begin with small abdominal exercises, particularly the variations that work the abs without having to lift the head up from the mat. Martha had been prone to sciatica and low back flareups before her diagnosis. At …

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