Adapting Pilates for Our Longer Lives

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Sixty-five and up is the fastest growing age group in Canada. Why not increase your healthspan and not just your lifespan?

Laura’s Story Part Two: The Problem with Physio Exercises

A diagnosis of severe Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) and a new physiotherapist did not end Laura’s problems. She continued to feel pain in her buttock and left leg; and she still had to heal her body before upcoming film work. She liked the new physio, and had seen him twice …

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Laura’s Story: Pandemic Sitting and Degenerative Disc Disease

Laura is a Toronto actor in her mid-seventies. Her work is diverse and demanding; sometimes she is on stage for two hours a night. When she is booked for parts in a film, she must be ready to jump into a scene at a moment’s notice. Because of the requirements …

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The Value of Slow Exercise in a Hyperactive World

‘In the war against the cult of speed, the front line is inside our heads.’ –Carl Honoré Over the holidays I re-read Carl Honoré’s In Praise of Slow. I approached this thoughtful book, published in 2004, with new questions and a fresh perspective in the midst of the pandemic. COVID-19 has …

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Silver Linings For Some, But Not For Others

In some ways life looks like any December. It is dark before 5pm. The freeze-thaw-freeze pattern of the month creates slick pavements. However this is unlike any December we have experienced. Something called a ‘circuit breaker’ is now a lockdown. We’ve been coping with the impacts of Covid-19 since mid-March …

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Getting Ready for Rest: Mini Stretch/Relaxation

‘If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.’ –Joseph Pilates As we, age more stretching – much more – is recommended rather than less. It is crucial to elongate shortened muscles so that they return to their …

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