Adapting Pilates for Our Longer Lives

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Sixty-five and up is the fastest growing age group in Canada. Why not increase your healthspan and not just your lifespan?

Stress, Depression, Anger and Other Pandemic Emotions

What is the one thing you can do right now to help yourself?   We may all be in this together, but our responses to the pandemic are as diverse as the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Yet, country by country, many common responses are emerging. Sky-high anxiety rates …

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Swedish Death Cleaning, The Gentle Art of

What does decluttering and ‘death cleaning’ have to do with Pilates?   Margareta Magnusson, who claims to be between the ages of 80 and 100, has written a recent bestseller called, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning. She breaks the Swedish word dostadning into two words: death (do) and …

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Feeling stressed out? Simply take deeper breaths

Your belly is literally the center of gravity of your body, far below the head and the turmoil of your thinking mind. For this reason we ‘befriend’ the belly right from the beginning as an ally in establishing calmness and awareness. -Jon Kabat-Zinn Try it. Right now—one long breath out. …

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Colleen Craig

Adapting My Pilates Practice to Covid-19 Times

On Sunday, March 15th life changed here in Canada and in many other countries across the world. With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, I was forced to shutter my Pilates on the Ball studio in the Danforth area of Toronto.  All businesses were in the same boat, large and small, …

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