Adapting Pilates for Our Longer Lives

Pilates on the Ball Blog by Colleen Craig

Sixty-five and up is the fastest growing age group in Canada. Why not increase your healthspan and not just your lifespan?

The Psychology of Stretching

Every human being has his pet areas where he “grabs himself”—the back of the neck, the jaw, the knees, the abdominal muscles, the coccyx; no matter where the grasp takes hold, the muscles are held as tightly as possible, to keep the bones “fixed,” to give a sense of security …

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Stretching Through the Decades

Recently, near the end of one of my classes, I recited to my students the following quote– If you are in your fifties, you need to stretch five days a week.  If you are in your sixties, six days a week. And if you are in your seventies or older, …

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Changing my mind about breathing

For over twenty years I have been telling my students when to breath in and when to breath out. And this has not been easy to do. Not for them and not for me. But I never questioned it. Not until I took a Body Harmonics Master Class called Open …

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Liuda’s Story: getting her life back after a hip fracture

Twenty years ago, my Russian friend Liuda fractured her hip on an icy pavement in Moscow near the end of December. The break had been in the neck of the thigh bone, the place where the long bone fits into the socket. It had not been a horizontal break. The …

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Cindy’s Story: controllable and uncontrollable factors with Osteoporosis

My friend, and former student, Cindy underwent a hysterectomy at forty-five because of suspicious irregularities in her uterus. Up to that point she had been a very active women who spent hours a week at the gym running on a treadmill. I knew, because I often joined her there. Eight …

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