Colleen Craig

Founder of Pilates on the Ball​

About Colleen Craig

Stott Pilates® Trainer
Multiple Best-selling Author
Founder of Pilates on the Ball

I grew up in Western Canada and received my B.A. (Creative Writing and English) from the University of British Columbia, then left Canada for over a decade. In 1991 I returned to Canada, and to Toronto, where I continued to write fiction and plays.

I have always loved physical activity and dance, and in 1997 I had the great luck to discover Pilates and complete my full Pilates Certification with the innovative master teacher Moira Merrithew.

Afterwards I set up my own studio, Pilates on the Ball, and had the opportunity to give Pilates workshops to trainers and physiotherapists in Brazil, South Africa, and Europe. In 2008 my young adult fiction novel Afrika was published by Tundra Press and is available on Amazon and Kindle. Other keen interests include walking, reading and needlepoint. I am also posting a weekly blog, Adapting Pilates for Our Longer Lives.

A Welcome Message from Colleen

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