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Pilates classes specifically designed for people 50+

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Designed For Men and Women 50+

Each virtual Pilates class is specifically designed to be easy and effective for both men and women aged 50 and up.

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Your life doesn't have to become more restrictive as you age.

Pilates can help you to maintain your strength, balance, agility, and most importantly, your confidence, to stay physically active, without the fear of falling or injuring yourself.

Colleen Craig‘s Pilates classes have been specifically designed for the needs of both men and women aged 50 and up, so you can live a healthier, happier, and stronger life, doing what you want to do.

Enjoy Life Even More with Pilates

Health and Wellness Benefits of Pilates:

What is The Pilates Method?

The Pilates Method is a combination of muscle toning and strengthening exercises with an emphasis on flexibility and relaxation. This mind-body method of exercise builds strong abdominals, improves posture and coordination, and builds long lean muscles.

We have inherited different body shapes and postural tendencies and these cannot be changed overnight. However, the Pilates Method is highly effective in realigning the body and addressing postural weaknesses by targeting the small postural muscles on both sides of the spine. Strengthening the postural muscles will help support the larger muscles and bring the spine and the body into balance.

Meet Colleen, Founder of Pilates on the Ball

Colleen Craig is a Certified Stott Pilates® Trainer and a writer who developed a unique body conditioning technique by adapting the Pilates Method to the exercise ball.

Colleen uses large and small exercise balls to add resistance, challenge and balance training to the mat-work. Recently, she completed a Body Harmonics® Active Aging Specialist Certificate and now focuses on teaching online Pilates to older adults.

Colleen has documented her innovative work in a written blog, complete with short videos, called Adapting Pilates for Our Longer Lives. Her books Pilates on the Ball, Abs on the Ball, and Strength Training on the Ball are published by Healing Arts Press, translated into five languages, and widely available.       

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Experience the health and wellness benefits of Pilates and live a healthier and happier life.

Testimonials from our Students

“These online classes are excellent. I’m astonished that the experience is so satisfying.”

Nancy W.

“I love the drop-in nature of these online classes. Zoom classes offer flexibility that I miss with studio classes.”


“The timeslots, the levels, the exercises, the guidance—it truly cannot get any better.”

Marika A.

“An excellent class. Colleen is an amazing teacher. Pacing and instructions is bang-on. Colleen shows just the right amount of technique and moves on to a more/less challenging exercise so it really is multi-level. Online visuals were perfect, it was all very clear.”

Florence M.
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