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"A lot of exercise tapes cross my desk and this is definitely one of the best ones. Some of the most unusual moves I have seen on a ball."

Gail O'Brien, Breakfast TV, City TV

"Absolutely awesome. One of the reasons that I discovered that I love the On The Ball video is it forces my active mind and my active body to focus together instead of being off separately by themselves somewhere."

Constance Rennett, RMT, Director of Therapeutics, Know Your Body Best

"Craig’s cueing is clear and confident and her adaptations are quite unique and very creative,"

Valerie Kocin, B.S. Fitness World


Now Available on DVD

A Formidable Partnership:
Pilates and the Exercise Ball

Colleen Craig's On The Ball: An Innovative Ball video based on the work of Joseph Pilates.

Colleen Craig, a Stott Pilates® instructor, has developed a Pilates-based ball exercise series which capitalizes on the popularity and benefits of both Pilates and the exercise ball. Colleen Craig's On The Ball shows you how to use the exercise ball to enhance Joseph Pilates' original work by adding resistance, challenge and variety to your workout. Some of the exercises in this innovative, forty-five minute video have been adapted from equipment found in exclusive Pilates studios around the world.

Adapting Pilates' work to the ball creates wonderful and safe results. There is no jarring of the limbs, no wear or tear on the joints. This is a carefully developed mind/body program designed to realign the body, maintain good posture, build long, lean muscles and establish abdominal and core strength from within. Modifications, as well as more challenging variations, make Colleen Craig's On The Ball accessible to all ages, all levels of fitness.

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About Exercise Balls:

The exercise ball, sometimes called the Swiss Ball, is a 55 or 65 cm vinyl, air-filled ball. Once used exclusively for physiotherapy, today exercise balls are used by personal trainers, Olympic coaches and many others to enhance their workout.

The ball is unique because:

  • It is a mobile piece of equipment that teaches us to use the whole body, especially the core, to maintain balance and coordination.
  • The air-filled quality of the ball inspires three-dimensional movement and an awareness of how our bodies move in space.
  • The ball's unique spherical shape allows for fuller stretches than on a mat.  It also provides a comfortable but firm surface and supports the user as he or she moves in or out of the stretch.
  • Even sitting on the ball (or gently bouncing) is beneficial as ball sitting is active and good for back health whereas sitting on a chair is passive and fatigues the back.
  • For many the ball is about play, not exercise, and it connects you back to a time when you were younger, freer and unburdened.

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