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"Colleen Craig's Pilates on the Ball is a wonderful bridge from the treatment room of the practitioner to the world of the healthy, self-confident person who is able take control of their musculoskeletal health through exercise."

Maureen Dwight, physical Therapist


Abs on the Ball

25,000 first-print run

In her latest book, Abs on the Ball, Colleen Craig reveals why the exercise ball is unmatched as a tool for building superb abdominal strength. Abs on the Ball uses a Pilates approach: a unique exercise method famous for building long, sculpted muscles and a strong back and abdominal core. In this groundbreaking book Craig shows how traditional sit-ups and "ab" machines actually limit the degree to which abdominal muscles can be trained and can even aggravate lower back pain and neck tension. In contrast, the very mobility of the exercise ball targets underutilized muscles, recruiting both deep and superficial abdominal muscle fibers to give rapid results.

Abs on the Ball presents a selection of over 100 innovative exercises adapted specifically to large (55 and 65 cm) and small (9inch) exercise balls. Step-by-step instructions are detailed in more than 250 photographs. The author also offers 15- and 30-minute workouts for all ability levels. These workouts not only build the abdominal core but also strengthen and train deep muscles in order to soothe low-back pain and increase overall body strength, balance, and coordination.

192 pages US $18.00 Canadian $28.95
Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vermont: 2003
photos by David Hou

Pilates on the Ball

Over 100,000 copies sold

"Craig's writing is absorbing and informative."
-Vancouver Sun.

"Pilates on the Ball has been a phenomenal book for us."
--Discovery Channel Stores

(Publishers Weekly, April 1st, 2002)

Colleen Craig offers an unique and exciting synthesis of the Pilates Method and the exercise ball in this run-away bestseller. Each chapter is intended to give the reader inspiration and instruction. Step-by-step instructions and more than 300 photographs detail the Pilates principles and challenge all ability levels.

Pilates on the Ball incorporates a holistic approach to fitness addressing spiritual as well as physical health. An early chapter discusses benefits and safeguards for working on the ball but also the emotional obstacles that stop non-exercisers from beginning and well-meaners from committing to an exercise program. Inspirational case histories, personal anecdotes, 'anatomy-on-the-ball' lessons, and step-by-step instructions weave through this comprehensive book.

Pilates on the Ball inspires the reader to take responsibility for his or her own health. The reader will learn how to use the ball to enhance relaxation, center the body with specific breathing exercises, strengthen the abdominals, heal and prevent lower back pain, and retrain postural muscles. The exercise ball is fantastic for stretching and for cardiovascular fitness. There is also a chapter on rehabilitation and rebuilding after an injury.

179 pages US $18.95 Canadian $29.95
Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vermont: 2001
photos by David Hou

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